The confessed drug cheat and disgraced Olympic gold medalist, Tyler Hamilton, will provide lengthy testimony about he feared for his life after being reinfused with the blood of someone else by the Spanish doctor Eufemiano Fuentes.

The high-profile cyclist will give evidence at the Madrid trial of Fuentes, who is accused of endangering public health by administering blood transfusions and banned performance enhancing drugs to many cyclists and other sportsmen.

Hamilton had believed he was being reinfused with his own blood by Fuentes for a period of three years, which is an illegal but an undetectable doping practice. Just weeks after winning cycling’s road time trial at the 2004 Athens Olympics and a month after suffering a severe reaction to a blood reinfusion, Hamilton tested positive to “mixed blood cell population” or receiving someone else’s blood. Teammates of the cyclist, including German cyclist Jörg Jaksche, have already told the court that Tyler Hamilton believed he was going to die in 2004 when he suffered a feverish reaction and urinated blood after having blood reinjected during the Tour de France.

Hamilton has told how he was introduced to the Spanish doctor by the CSC team director, the Dane Bjarne Riis, and had agreed to a four-year blood doping and drugs program with Eufemiano Fuentes.


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    Tyler Hamilton To Testify In Fuentes TrialTyler Hamilton To Testify In Fuentes Trial
    Tyler Hamilton To Testify In Fuentes Trial Tyler Hamilton To Testify In Fuentes Trial