Julian Savulescu, an Oxford University professor, has called for legalization of performance enhancing drugs for preventing the prevalence of organized crime around doping.

”The goal at the moment is to pick up anything that has a performance-enhancing effect, no matter how small the amount. That’s obviously an unachievable task,” Savulescu remarked. ”You can’t pick up a molecule of testosterone or a single molecule of growth hormone, yet that is what they’re trying to do. Instead, the goalposts should be shifted to harm reduction, where you pick up unsafe amounts or unsafe practices.

”As soon as people hear ‘drugs’ they think heroin and people dead in the streets. But caffeine is an artificial [performance-enhancing] substance while testosterone and growth hormone are naturally produced by the body. The way forward is to look at that bandwidth more critically and see what things are dangerous, in what amounts and do we really want to ban something.

”At the moment, as soon as something is seen to be performance-enhancing it’s on the banned list. It’s a nonsense.”

”What I’m saying isn’t going to be accepted at the current time. But there will be another scandal and then another … Eventually soccer will be shown to be rife with doping and there will be a huge push from European authorities.

”At the moment we’re like a blinkered horse on the way to the knackery. It’s going to get there!

”We need to take off the blinkers and think a little more broadly about the issue.”


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    Legalize Drugs To Prevent Organized Crime Around DopingLegalize Drugs To Prevent Organized Crime Around Doping
    Legalize Drugs To Prevent Organized Crime Around Doping Legalize Drugs To Prevent Organized Crime Around Doping