The Australian federal government has been urged by the Australian Olympic Committee to go even further in the crackdown on drugs in sport and said the proposed financial penalties are too low.

Recently, an Australian Crime Commission investigation found the use of performance enhancing drugs was widespread. It was also revealed that some athletes were administered with substances that were not yet approved for human use.

The Government has introduced legislation to boost the powers of the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) and athletes who refuse to cooperate would face fines of up to $5,100, under the charges.

Australian Olympic Committee boss John Coates said, “What is a penalty of $5,100 to these people? I think it needs to have a criminal sanction.”

London Games rowing medallist Crow said she was in favour of strengthening the proposed laws.

“You talk about sacrifice of rights, but what we sacrifice to represent our country and to be the best in the world is everything,” she said.

“We will quite happily have blood taken, record our whereabouts for every day of the year. As AIS athletes we are subject to search and seizure.

“We are willing to do this to have a level playing field and have people believe we are clean.

“In a lot of ways, these powers that do go beyond normal powers are what enable us to say we are actually clean.

“Actually having pretty stringent protocols is unfortunately necessary.”


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    Jail Sentences For Anti-Doping Laws Urged By AOCJail Sentences For Anti-Doping Laws Urged By AOC
    Jail Sentences For Anti-Doping Laws Urged By AOC Jail Sentences For Anti-Doping Laws Urged By AOC