The disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong has lost seven Tour de France titles, banned for life, went out of his charitable foundation, and possibly many millions of ill-gotten dollars but he now has to face the pain of being rubbed out of Olympic history.

The International Olympic Committee has confirmed after revelations of Armstrong’s extensive past as a drug cheat that it will meet for deciding if Armstrong will be stripped of a bronze medal he won at the Sydney Olympics. The cyclist finished third in the road time trial event at the 2000 Games behind Viacheslav Ekimov and Jan Ullrich.

The IOC will now determine whether Armstrong should lose his medal after waiting for the response from the governing body of cycling, UCI, for USADA investigation into Armstrong that saw the UCI ratify the removal of seven Tour de France titles and a life ban. Medals have been taken off convicted dopers like Tyler Hamilton’s gold in 2004 and Marion Jones’s swag of medals in 2000.

“The UCI is to have a meeting of its management council on Friday and will come out with some more measures and details of actions it will take,” an IOC spokesman said and added, “We are clearly watching the process closely and we will be considering such action in the following days.”

Australian cycling coach Charlie Walsh said the Sydney Games were filled with performance enhancing drugs, on the road and track and said, “I’d say 90 per cent were not clean.”


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    Armstong To Be Rubbed Out Of Olympic HistoryArmstong To Be Rubbed Out Of Olympic History
    Armstong To Be Rubbed Out Of Olympic History Armstong To Be Rubbed Out Of Olympic History