Wednesday 05, Feb 2014

Law Against Sports Doping Enacted By Argentina

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A law against doping in sport has been passed by the Argentine government. This law emphasizes on promoting fair play and protecting the health of those involved in the competitions.

The Legal Regime for the Prevention and Control of Doping in Sport was sanctioned by both houses of the National Congress in November and was recently published by the Gazette, which comes into force.

This initiative emphasizes that all “national federations must accept and incorporate these Anti-doping rules or by reference in their statutes and regulations as part of sporting rules.” The fourth article states that athletes should “be informed of the provisions and anti-doping rules adopted in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code and comply with them, be available for sampling, be responsible, in the context of doping, so who drink or use.”

It also urges to “inform medical personnel of their obligation not to use prohibited substances or methods and ensure that any medical treatment received does not violate anti-doping rules adopted pursuant to the World Anti-Doping Code.”

The standard consists the sanctions that should be subjected athletes using prohibited substances or methods that may include penalties of up to four, eight, and 10 years or “for life” for repeat offenders of serious offenses, like traffic or administration of banned products. This law also provides for the “annulment of results after sampling competition or the commission of an offense” and the “return of the prize money fraudulently.” It also establishes “National Anti-Doping Commission, acting within the scope of the Ministry of Sport Ministry of Social Development,” according to the letter of the rules.

Tuesday 04, Feb 2014

Doping Appeal Lodged By Sassuolo Defender

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Francesco Acerbi has denied he is guilty of doping. The Sassuolo defender has urged the Italian media to grant him respect after it was confirmed he has failed a drug test.

The Italian anti-doping agency imposed a provisional suspension on Acerbi for high levels of the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) following his team’s Serie A victory against Cagliari on December 1.

The 25-year-old said, “I have never taken any illegal substance and it’s painful to be accused of that.

“I understand that the press has a job to do but these accusations have been very annoying, not so much for me but for my loved ones.”

“The high level hormone can be a consequence of many things,” Acerbi said. “I will have some tests done.

“My main concern right now is my health.” “You cannot point the finger at someone without knowing the situation. I demand respect for my health and for my family.

“I’ve had doping tests done before the game against Cagliari and had I taken something, I would have already tested positive before that.” “Those that have branded me as a cheat have disgraced me, my club and my doctors.”

The former AC Milan defender also thanked fans and fellow professionals after learning about the relapse of his testicular cancer. “A special thanks to my team-mates, the doctors and directors at Sassuolo who are doing everything possible to help me,” he continued. “Thanks also to the fans and players of AC Milan, Pavia, and Reggina.”

Monday 03, Feb 2014

Sir Craig Reedie Takes Over As WADA President

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IOC Vice-President Sir Craig Reedie has taken over as the new President of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) with effect from 1 January 2014.

His election was welcomed by International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach who pledged the IOC’s commitment to broadening and strengthening its intensive cooperation with the new leadership.

Reedie was elected President by the WADA Foundation Board at the 2013 World Conference on Doping in Sport in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was the only candidate in the running to replace John Fahey, whose presidency concludes at the end of 2013.

“It is an honor to be asked to lead this international organization, and a challenge that I look forward to,” said Reedie.

“Much has happened over the course of the past 14 years since WADA was formed. I look forward to using the experience I have gained throughout my time in sport, and that gained during my time as the Chair of WADA’s Finance and Administration Committee, to continue to take WADA, and the anti-doping movement, forward. All my efforts have been – and will be – to defend the rights of clean athletes.”

WADA also announced the election of H.E. Mr. M.A. Stofile as WADA’s next Vice President. Stofile also started his term on January 1, 2014. The 68-year-old South African, who served on WADA’s Executive Committee and Foundation Board from 2004 – 2010, replaces Arne Ljungqvist who has served as WADA’s Vice President since 2008.

“I am delighted to have been chosen as the next Vice President of WADA”, said Stofile. “I have long been an advocate of anti-doping and clean sport, and having served on WADA’s Executive Committee and Foundation Board for six years, I have been fortunate to have seen both the organization and the movement evolve.

“I look forward to this opportunity of helping WADA to continue the fight against doping in sport in the years to come.”

Monday 13, Jan 2014

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Thursday 02, Jan 2014

Reedie Takes On The Drug Cheats As WADA President

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Sir Craig Reedie has replaced the departing John Fahey as the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) president.

The 72-year-old, in a career spanning six decades, is all set to take on the drug cheats.

‘I was asked to do it,’ says Reedie and added “Okay, this is the last big job that I will do for sport – and it’s important”.

‘The glamorous or sexy thing in political terms at the moment is match-fixing and illegal gambling. Politicians are more interested in that than they are in anti-doping matters. They’ve done anti-doping, if you know what I mean.

‘In Olympic sport, doping is the major issue. If we don’t get on top of it, or keep trying to get on top of it, then we will do sport a great disservice. So it’s well worth having a go.’

‘I don’t think faith (in sport) has been destroyed,’ Reedie insists. ‘I think people understand that there is tendency in the world for people now and again to cheat – and I think most people would be pretty pleased if we did something about it.

‘If there are problems in a national anti-doping organization in Jamaica, my guess is there would be a pressure on funding, as there is on most countries in the world. In which case, they are not doing it as seriously as we think they should.

‘At the end of the day, if there is pressure on finance, we are going to have to be smarter and do more with less. It’s a fantastic challenge.’

Wednesday 01, Jan 2014

Gryphon Football Player Suspended

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Wide receiver Mac Morrison of Acton, a second-year member of the Guelph Gryphons’ OUA football squad, has received a suspension of two years for an anti-doping rule violation.

“It’s a really unfortunate occurrence and we’re disappointed that it happened,” said University of Guelph athletic director Tom Kendall.

The suspension was announced by The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport. The urine sample of Morrison that was collected during an out-of-competition doping control September 24, tested positive for the presence of Tamoxifen, an estrogen receptor modulator.

Morrison waived his right to a hearing when notified of the results of the testing, acknowledged the anti-doping rule violation, and accepted the suspension.

“We go out of our way here to ensure that these kinds of things don’t happen,” Kendall said. “Every one of our athletes has to comply with a regulation that says that they take the CIS online drug education program. That’s something that’s produced by the CCES, the group that does the testing.

“They do that first and then all of the coaches are asked to address the issue of supplements and drugs and things of that nature with their teams, which they do. And we also have this in the athlete’s handbook. We have a section on the kinds of things that you have to avoid. Finally, we’ve put in place that our athletes are supposed to check with our head therapist before they take any supplements or any over-the-counter drugs because sometimes even the over-the-counter drugs are banned and kids don’t even know it. We try to avoid that from happening by asking them to check with our therapist first.”

“We have a number of things in place, but the unfortunate thing is that sometimes, it’s not enough,” Kendall said. “I’ve been here 10 years and we have over 700 athletes here. Football in particular is tested on a regular basis and we’ve never had an incident. This is just really unfortunate.”

“What we can do is continue to insist that we educate these kids and hope that they don’t make really bad decisions,” Kendall said. “The teams themselves have to police this and athletes have to watch athletes and make sure that this is not happening. We can do more random testing, that’s an option for us to do. But at the end of the day, it’s really educating the athletes to understand the implications of these kind of actions.”

Tuesday 31, Dec 2013

Equine Anti-Doping Policy Strengthened

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The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has reviewed and amended its Anti-Doping and Medication Control Policy after being prompted by steroid scandals in Great Britain earlier this year.

“The objective is that via enhancements to our testing program and strategy, as well as the significant penalties handed to those who have breached the rules this year, we increase the deterrent against the use of prohibited substances,” said Paul Bittar, chief executive of the BHA. “A review of the existing policy was instigated in May 2013 and considered all aspects, including the overall strategy towards doping control, budget allocated, number and balance of each method of testing, screening techniques, the contract with HFL, and the direction of research and development.”

The BHA said these changes become effective January 1 and will be reviewed quarterly in order to assess their effectiveness.

 ”In an ideal world there would be no limit to the amount of testing we conduct, but we are constrained with regard to both budget and resources,” Bittar said. “However, we have secured an increase in the budget available for 2014 and an effective strategy is not simply measured by the number of samples taken, but also the methods adopted to ensure that the right samples are being taken at the right time.

“While both of the high-profile investigations in 2013 arose from positive samples detected in the equivalent of out-of-competition testing rather than post-race, we do consider testing-in-training to be the area where a significant increase is warranted,” he said.

Monday 30, Dec 2013

Rogers And Breyne Suspended Over Doping

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Australia’s three-time world time-trial champion Michael Rogers and Belgian Jonathan Breyne have been provisionally suspended by the International Cycling Union (UCI) over doping offenses, according to an announcement by the world governing body of cycling.

The UCI, in a statement, said Clenbuterol was detected in a urine sample given by Saxo-Tinkoff rider Rogers at the Japan Cup Cycle Road Race on October 20. “The provisional suspension of Mr. Michael Rogers remains in force until a hearing panel convened by his national federation determines whether he has committed an anti-doping rule violation,” the UCI said. The UCI added that Rogers has the right to request and attend the analysis of his B sample of urine.

In a statement, Cycling Australia made it clear that Rogers does not hold an Australian racing license and the sanctions will not be determined by Cycling Australia if he is found guilty. Interim Cycling Australia chief executive Adrian Anderson said: “CA will support WADA, ASADA and the applicable national federation in whatever action they deem appropriate.” He added, “The fact that the drug testing process continues to uncover positive tests should be a lesson to all cyclists that if they chose to dope they can expect to be caught.

“For too long the sport of cycling has been let down at the international level by drug cheats and CA supports every measure to detect and prosecute doping offenders.”

Belgian Breyne, who rides with the To Win-Josan team, is also suspected of using Clenbuterol, a drug used for treating conditions like asthma and has the potential of improving breathing of athletes. The UCI said the substance was found in a urine sample provided by the 22-year-old during the Tour of Taihu Lake in China on November 5. The rider also has the right to seek and attend the analysis of a B sample.

Sunday 29, Dec 2013

Former UCI President Seeks Apology From Armstrong

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Tour de France lance armstrongHein Verbruggen, the former UCI President who is accused of covering up Lance Armstrong’s positive drug test, has revealed the “misery” he has suffered since the allegations emerged and said he had written to Armstrong seeking an apology.

Verbruggen argued that the accusations made by Lance Armstrong were designed for reducing the life ban imposed after he was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles. Last month, Armstrong claimed that the Dutchman had helped suppress news of his doping in 1999 and gave his consent to blame a positive test on a backdated prescription for a steroid cream to treat saddle sores.

Verbruggen said: “It’s a bullshit story and nothing else. Never, ever would I have had a conversation saying, ‘We have to take care of this’.

“It might very well be that he or somebody else from the team has given me a call and my first reaction was, ‘S—. We had this Festina problem and now this’. But that’s a very long way from concluding we have to do something about it.

“How can I take care of something that is known already by the laboratory, that is known already by the French Ministry [which conducted the test], that is known by the UCI, the anti-doping people at the UCI? It’s ridiculous.”

“I’m absolutely sure the next day it would be like this in the paper: ‘Doubts cast by Verbruggen on Armstrong’. That’s something I was not particularly keen on. I hadn’t said that about anybody, ever. Now they blame me — ‘You should’ve said that’. But I don’t think anybody would. You don’t. You can’t.”

Verbruggen however agreed with Lance Armstrong that he had been unfairly demonized. “Pat McQuaid [former UCI president] said about Lance Armstrong, ‘Lance has no place in cycling’. I would never have said that. We know now that at that time, yes, there were a lot of people on EPO and he was one of them. Nobody should single him out on that basis. He doped, it was forbidden, it’s cheating. But he was not the only one, that’s for sure.”

Saturday 28, Dec 2013

Verbruggen Blasts Lance Armstrong

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Hein Verbruggen lance armstrong

Former UCI president Hein Verbruggen has hit back at doping cover-up claims made by Lance Armstrong and said his own reputation is being destroyed.

The former head of world cycling has accused the rider of making accusations against him for financial gains and remarked that there was no corruption during his reign in charge of the International Cycling Union. Verbruggen also produced documentary evidence aimed at showing there was no positive test and said he had written to the American rider seeking an apology. Verbruggen said, “I see it as if I’m part of a kind of industry now: it’s called the Lance Armstrong industry. People are making films now. It’s all part of the industry. You have a lot of people in it with a vested interest, and this interest is clearly not to know the truth.”

“Lance Armstrong has his own agenda and that is certainly his own personal interest, whether it is that he wants his sanctions to be reduced or whether he wants money. Usually, with Lance, there is always an interest also in money. My interest is the truth.” The former UCI head added of the cyclist, “Does he make money if he comes with a juicy story? I think it has to do with the fact he has told his team-mates he has once been positive. That’s what I believe.” The ex-UCI chief also remarked, “You will never, ever find any cover-up in the UCI while I was president, and I’m sure afterwards neither. There is no bribery, whatever they say.”

“When you’re so long in cycling, you suspect everything,” he said, acknowledging he was “wrong” at the time to lash out at those who claimed doping was rife in the sport.

“You know it’s going on but you do not know the details. You don’t, you don’t.” He added: “The suspicion against a rider like that — in this case Lance Armstrong — builds up gradually.”

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