Legal SteroidsTracing the history of anabolic steroids brings a clear revelation that steroids have been popular with athletes, weight lifters and martial artists as early as the 1930′s. The reason is quite simple! These steroids help shred and shape the body, increasing aggression and the result – improved appearance and enhanced performance on the field! The commercial use of steroids was a started in 1958. After a series of elaborate study and research, steroids are now placed in the category of controlled substances. Steroids are chemicals that imitate the functions of testosterone, a synthetic hormone that is produced in the body. This hormone performs an androgenic function i.e. to regulate the reproductive system, mainly in males. It also has an anabolic impact on the body, that of increasing muscle mass thereby increasing muscle strength and performance. Most anabolic steroids differ slightly from general legal steroids as they reduce the androgenic effect and increase the anabolic effect. Being anti-inflammatory, these steroids effectively rehabilitate wounds and injuries.

In the recent times, buying and administering steroids without the legal prescription of a registered physician has become rampant. This is referred to as ‘Steroid Abuse’. When it comes to obtaining legal steroids, many professional athletes, who have borne the brunt of being caught unaware in the act of ‘doping’, understand the importance of acquiring steroids in the legal manner. Today, obtaining 100% pure grade legal steroids in the US and a few other western countries is quite possible.


(i) Generally, obtaining legal steroids is quite simple for a male who is thirty years of age or older.

(ii) Thirty years of age is the usual criteria.

(iii) However, men who are younger than thirty can qualify on the condition that their testosterone levels are low enough.

(iv) Reports state that many athletes first use steroids obtained illegally. Once their testosterone levels get desirably low, they are able to claim legal steroids after getting their hormonal levels checked.

(v) For those under the age if thirty, numerous pro-hormones are available. These are anabolic steroids possessing an altered chemical structure closely resembling that of Class III anabolic steroids.

(vi) Legal steroids, though legal, are very powerful hormones. Therefore, it is advisable to know their need to one’s body and their side effects.

(vii) These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are simply used to build up muscles and enhance athletic performance.

(viii) These steroids fall in the general category of body building supplements, reducing fat and synthesizing muscle mass.

(ix) Legal steroids are more or less cost friendly and suit the common man’s pocket.

(x) The products are backed by science with actual bonafide evidence of the impact of their ingredients.

(xi) These products are completely safe, and can be combined with other supplements.

(xii) They provide long-term, non-stop results – safely and effectively.

(xiii) Must be used in conjunction with a well balanced diet and intense bodybuilding exercise programme prior to use.


(i) THAI-50: This is by far the most potent muscle builder on the market. It does not require a doctor’s prescription and is legal for personal use. The compound acts rapidly and virtually explodes mass with extremely dramatic results. Available in the form of blue/green tablets.

(ii) THAI-25: Sold in the form of pink tablets, this compound builds up mass and strength that soon becomes conspicuous.

(iii) DETOX FLUSH: Helps clean out the system during and after a cycle.

(iv) STROL-V: Quite similar to the more popular WINSTROL-V, this steroid also does not require a prescription. It rips the muscles hard thus giving a lean vascular muscular look to the body. It works overnight making one feel elated by the extreme muscle pump it gives.

(v) PRIMO ORALS: This compound in the form of small white tablets, works in the body rapidly. It is most commonly used during cutting cycles when mass increase is the goal. It has an awesome effect on rock hard muscles that have already been developed from other anabolic agents. This makes it one of the most elite muscle hardeners in vogue.

(vi) DURA-50: Also called Durabolin, this steroid is a muscle enhancer that has significant effects in cutting and bulking cycles. It causes an increased nitrogen retention capacity in muscle cells thereby achieving a positive nitrogen balance. This helps in pure muscle gain and retaining the strength acquired after a cycle. Helps retain water in the connective tissues thus soothing , and even curing joint pains. Comes in the form of maroon capsules with time releaser

(vii) D-ANABOL: This is a quick response bulking agent which brings about rapid increase in muscle size and strength.

(viii) DECA-500: This is one of the top selling supplements that is required for enhanced size and strength. It is a superior quality product that promotes natural growth.

(ix) TRENN: This is a superior cutting formula that helps tone and tightens mass and thus gives a shapely muscle.

(x) HGH SYSTEMS: This is a perfect legal steroid and a fine combination of fat burner and mass builder. It boosts energy and helps mental focus. Besides, it helps to increase the testosterone levels naturally.

Experts state that oral absorption of the steroid through the lining of the mouth is preferable as compared to capsules and tablets that need to be broken down by natural acids of the stomach, where most of the active ingredients are destroyed and never enter the bloodstream. Each formula is taken under the tongue so as to facilitate absorption and mergence into the bloodstream. This enhances the metabolic and anabolic performance of the compound.


Legal analog steroids can be obtained in numerous ways.

  • Top legal muscle enhancers and stacks can be got online and/or over the counter.
  • The products arrive in plain packaging for privacy.
  • Certified authenticity of all bodybuilding supplements and steroids accompanies the delivery.
  • Free express overnight shipping facility.
  • All legal steroid stores provide the best quality, pharmaceutical grade products that guarantee originality and complete consumer satisfaction.


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